The Touch of Tori Girls


Tori DiMartino

Color Specialist - Cuts - Custom Hair Extensions

Tori is the beauty and brains behind the Touch of Tori shop. From perfecting every shade of blonde to giving clients the hair of the dreams with high-quality extensions, Tori has evolved her brand into something we all know and love across the 845. 

After earning her cosmetology license in 2013, Tori opened up her original shop a year later in 2014. After years of building relationships with clients and perfecting her techniques, Tori opened up a brand new shop off Lake Osiris Road on June 22, 2020. 


From cuts to blowouts and color to extensions, everyone needs a little Touch of Tori to brighten their day!


Colette Lopez

Eyebrow Expert - Waxing - Tweezing - Microblading - Tinting

Many of you have had your brows totally transformed and blessed by Colette! After receiving her cosmetology license in 2015, Colette has years of experience as an arch expert, as well as perfecting makeup application for clients. She received her microblading certificate from the world famous PhiBrows.


Colette is the utmost genuine person who truly takes her time with each client to understand their microblading goals and explains the process along the way. Her spitfire personality lights up the Touch of Tori shop and keeps us girls in check! Colette has been part of the Touch of Tori team for about 2 years and is the definition of a brow addict - she's ready to whip every brow in the 845 into shape.

Morgan Palenik

Licensed Esthetician - Eyelash Extensions - Lifts + Tints

Morgan has been a licensed esthetician for over 2 years but her natural talent speaks volumes! 


She’s a certified lash artist through Society Of Lash and continues to expand her education by taking advantage of multiple lash classes whenever possible. So far she’s taken classic, volume, and mixed volume classes through Whip Lash Artisan.


Mo is our cool, calm, and collected babe in the shop. Mo is just Mo, quiet with a heart of gold and a spunky side that we absolutely LOVE. 


Malissa Cerone

Shop Manager

We all know and love Missy! She's not only the shop manager who keeps all the girls on their toes, but she's THE sweetest soul with the brightest, most welcoming personality and killer fashion sense.


Simply walking into the shop with Missy around is an instant way to brighten your day (before Tori gets her hands on your hair, of course!). 


With the warmest heart and biggest smile, she's everyone's go-to and is more than willing to always lend a hand whenever needed. There's no one like you, Missy!