Tanning Packages

Single session: $15

3 sessions: $40

6 sessions: $75

10 sessions: $135

15 sessions: $195


Unlimited Monthly Package: $250


- How can I make my tan last longer? Did you know moist skin tans better than dry skin? It's true! To help your skin maintain its glow, apply moisturizer or an approved indoor tanning lotion before each session. To extend the life of your tan, regularly moisturize skin with after-sun lotion, coconut or shea butter, and visit Touch of Tori to tan at least 3 times a week.

Tanning FAQs

- What's the maximum time I can tan? The maximum tan time for our high-powered Ultrasun 4500 is 15 minutes.

- What should I bring? Achieving a golden tan begins with coming prepared. All clients are required to wear eyewear protection during their session. To enhance your tan, use FDA-approved indoor tanning lotions (please do NOT use normal sunscreen, dry oil, etc.) and aim to tan at least 3 times a week! Touch of Tori offers high-quality indoor tanning lotions for sale.