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Spray Tanning

We now offer spray tans! Get a natural looking glow for any event, night out, or just because with a customized spray tan for $35.

We recommend keeping up with your tan every 2 weeks.


Tanning FAQs

- How can I make my tan last longer?

Did you know moist skin keeps a tan better than dry skin? It's true! To help your skin maintain its glow, apply moisturizer daily after your spray tan. To extend the life of your tan, exfoliate beforehand, moisturize, and visit Touch of Tori to tan every 2 weeks.

- What should I bring?

Achieving a golden tan begins with coming prepared. Arrive in loose clothing to ensure that your tan doesn't rub off within the first few hours after getting sprayed. Exfoliate beforehand so that your tan lasts longer!

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